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Healing Massage Therapy

Alpin Massage Therapy in Casper, Wyoming, offers clients affordable massage therapy in a relaxing environment. We offer many types of massage, whether you need a light touch, a sports injury worked on, or good old deep-tissue massages. Turn to our massage studio to receive exceptional products and services from professional massage therapists.

Available Massages:

Head Massage

Swedish — $55 per Hour
Swedish massage increases your blood flow and is great for general relaxation. Take off the stress with this popular light massage.

Myofascial Release — $55 per Hour
Myofascial release therapy is a non-oil soft-touch technique that successfully releases muscular restrictions in problem areas. They are also effective for scar reduction.

Deep Tissue — $55 per Hour
A deep tissue massage is a more thorough version of Swedish massage therapy that reduces restrictions within the muscles. If you are having severe deep muscle pains, choose an option that targets specific muscle groups instead of a general relaxation massage.

Thai Massage — $55 per Hour
Typically, you have a pad on the ground, but we conduct Thai massage movements on a table instead of on the floor. This is a range of motion and stretching of muscles performed while fully clothed.

Craniofacial Massage — $55 per Hour
This focuses on the head and sacrum. This is good for TMJ, headaches, an migraines. This is good for imbalances within the spinal tube. This generally helps to balance out the body by working through the cranium.

Raindrop Therapy — $65 per Hour
This involves dripping essential oils up and down either side of the spine, rubbing them in, and then covering up in hot towels. We then do a back massage. This is an essential oil version of a hot stone massage that helps to detoxify the spine.

Contact our relaxing massage studio in Casper, Wyoming, to receive rejuvenating massage therapy.